Christmas Message

A christmas message from Wendy Pinker

Dear Friends

NTS has a small handful of regular donors, helpers and supporters that allow us to continue with our life saving work in Nepal and YOU are one of them…. Thank you.

This year has been a monumental year for us!

We now care for over 240 children most of who receive regular blood transfusions in our little Kathmandu clinic.

A delegation visit was made to Nepal, in August, by myself and eight thalassaemia experts from around the world.

We visited Kathmandu to have meetings with the Nepali Government to enlighten them on the needs of their thalassaemia patients and the hardships they endure each and every week of their lives.

We asked for the Government to provide a space for our clinic in a Government Hospital in Kathmandu and also to make plans for the future for funding for the care of thalassaemia patients.

At present all patients rely completely on NTS to keep them alive.  We now are hopeful that over the coming years we will secure Government support for all of our patients needs.

Thalassaemia was undiagnosed in Nepal until approximately 15 years ago when Durga and I took our first patients to hospital.  Over those past years we have made incredible headway and now hope that over the next 15 years we will secure the future for all thalassaemia patients.

Its work in progress and there is still so much to do!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your regular donation, help and support to NTS, without you we would not be able to do the work we do today and in turn give our beautiful children a chance of life.  You are our lifeline, what keeps us going … I thank you with all my heart.  Your love and support is saving so many precious little lives.

On behalf of all our patients I wish you all a wonderful, healthy and Happy Christmas.

With sincere thanks
Wendy Pinker
NTS Chairman